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Aesthetic Complications Management Course

Introducing our pioneering Aesthetic Complications Management Course, specifically tailored for medical professionals specialising in Botox and dermal fillers. This advanced course empowers you with the critical skills needed for comprehensive patient review and effective management of complications post-treatment. Our complications course has been developed by our founders and industry experts, each with over 20 years of experience. This course emphasises post-treatment care, equipping you with the knowledge to ensure optimal patient outcomes and safety.

The ability to confidently address and resolve complications is paramount to a successful career in aesthetic medicine. Our course delves into the nuances of patient follow-up, from identifying early signs of complications to implementing targeted interventions. You’ll learn through theoretical knowledge and patient case studies, focusing on real-world scenarios and evidence-based management strategies.

Whether your goal is to enhance your expertise, improve patient satisfaction, or safeguard your practice, our Aesthetic Complications Management Course will teach you effective complication management protocols and give you the confidence to deal with unhappy patients. Join us to refine your skills and stand out as a leader in the safe and effective delivery of aesthetic treatments.

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1/2 Day Zoom + Self Study

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8 Hours

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From our Courses


From our Courses

Hayley Bell

Five stars

"Excellent course, very knowledgeable and experienced trainers. Friendly group with a comfortable learning environment."

Ailish McCormack

Five stars

"I recently completed the combined dermal filler and Botox course as well as all 3 master classes and they were amazing. The team are fantastic and very knowledgeable, leaving me feeling very comfortable and competent starting my injecting career."

Camilla Mearns

Five stars

"A brilliant course that provided comprehensive information and training. The first day of theory really comes together on the second practical day. I have walked away very confident and excited to start within the aesthetic injectables journey."

Louise Dunlop

Five stars

"I did the Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler course the staff were great, and the course content was very comprehensive and has given me the confidence to go out and start a new career in the cosmetic injectable industry."

Get Insights From Our Aesthetic Experts

You will gain invaluable insights from our lead aesthetic trainers, who bring years of experience and the latest knowledge to guide you through mastering complication management and optimising patient care in Botox and dermal filler treatments.

Effective Complication Management Protocols

Discover our effective complication management protocols, designed to equip you with comprehensive strategies for addressing and resolving challenges in aesthetic treatments, ensuring optimal outcomes and safety.

Review Real Life Case Studies

Dive into real-life case studies, showcasing practical examples of complication management in aesthetic treatments. Learn from actual scenarios to enhance your understanding and application of effective intervention strategies.

What You Will Learn

1. Introduction to Aesthetic Complications :

  • Overview of patient grievances and their resolutions.
  • The aesthetic consultation and setting patient expectations.
  • Insights from industry bodies documenting the aesthetic treatment complications.
  • Litigation and cosmetic indemnity insurance.
  • Essentials for an Aesthetic Emergency Kit.

2. Botulinum Toxin Complications:

  • Timing of complications: Immediate, Early, Late.
  • Common reactions: Pain, Redness, Swelling, Hypersensitivity.
  • Problems specific to treatment: Uneven results, excessive or insufficient application.
  • Common complications: Mephisto effect, Eyebrow or Eyelid Ptosis, Botulinum Toxin resistance.
  • Distinctions between reversible and irreversible complications.

3. Dermal Filler Complications:

  • Timing of complications: Immediate, Early, Late.
  • Minor complications: Pain, Redness, Swelling, Migration.
  • Major concerns: Vascular Blockage, Skin Death, Loss of Vision, Infections, and Nodule formation.
  • Hypersensitivity: Immediate versus Delayed.
  • Persistent and challenging conditions: Swelling, Skin Discoloration, Persistent Redness, and Tyndall Effect

4. Managing Complaints:

  • Common complaints: Customer service, treatment-related, privacy breaches, and patient intimidation.
  • Legal issues: Clinical negligence, data protection, complaints via regulatory bodies.
  • Complaint resolution processes.
  • Managing your online reputation and customer reviews.

5. Patient Case Studies:

  • Reviewing real-life cases of complications and interventions.
  • Spotting and addressing vascular occlusions.
  • Correcting dermal filler asymmetry.
  • Responding to anaphylactic reactions caused by hyalase or fillers.

6. Further Reading and Aftercare:

  • Articles, videos and resources related to aesthetic complications
  • A question-and-answer session with our expert trainers.
  • Ongoing post-course aftercare support.

What you will learn

What you will learn

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Aesthetic Complications Management Course

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The ability to confidently address and resolve complications is paramount to a successful career in aesthetic medicine.

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