The aesthetics industry has become increasingly attractive to ever more doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists for many reasons. The aesthetics industry has expanded by over 10 percent per annum and the rising demand for aesthetic procedures have accelerated its penetration worldwide as awareness and acceptance continue to grow, including among men and the younger generation.

Over the past several months during the Covid-19 pandemic, many health professionals have had time to reflect on their chosen career paths, especially regarding job satisfaction and fulfilment.  If you are one of them, then perhaps you may have been motivated to try something new, build new skills, and possibly set up your own practice.

Are you a medical professional considering the possibility of a career in aesthetics? Then read on to discover how this could be a positively life-changing decision for you.


  •  Boost Your Income

With the consistent growth of the aesthetic industry and many people desiring facial enhancement procedures, aesthetic injectable treatments can give them the needed confidence boost and you, a consistent stream of clients willing to pay for them. 

A single aesthetic course can potentially bring you returns of more than  £1,000  from a single busy day of injecting, which is likely unmatched by your regular NHS job. A typical session takes between 30 – 45 minutes to complete, allowing you time to treat more patients.

With consistent safe practice and continued learning, your practice will continue to grow as well as your client base as you make your mark in the industry. 

  • Develop Clinical Skills and Build an Enduring Career

The public support enjoyed by the aesthetic industry almost guarantees  a life-long career as an aesthetic professional. Beginning with a single aesthetic course, you can set foot into the aesthetic world, and then develop further skills to reach more clients and future-proof your place. 

The ability to diversify your clinical know-how affords you a broader range of career choices, including opportunities to practise these new skills in a new and thrilling industry. Also, you are able to escape the monotony of doing the same job day in and day out as your medical knowledge and clinical skills allow you to acquire novel skills and bring some variety to your practice.

  • Flexible Work Hours

A significant benefit of taking an aesthetic course is the flexibility that is associated with being self-employed. Medical professionals undoubtedly experience a lot of workplace pressure. What with long shifts, minimal break time, physically and emotionally demanding tasks, and increasing litigation, it is no surprise that healthcare burn-out is a common problem. 

Fortunately, whether as an employee in an already established clinic or as an aesthetic business owner, you can enjoy a calmer environment, attending to one patient at a time with due breaks taken intermittently, the ultimate result being better treatment outcomes, greater productivity and patient satisfaction.

You are at liberty to shorten your work days if you so desire, or to work non-conventional hours, to allow you spend quality time with your loved ones at home. This capacity for flexibility also makes you potentially more appealing to your clients who would appreciate your ability to work around their tight schedules.

  • Cultivate Lasting Patient-Client Relationships

For a skilled aesthetic injector, getting returning clients is never a problem. Botox and dermal filler treatments often require touch-ups therefore, your anti-wrinkle patients can be rescheduled every 3 to 4 months, whereas your dermal filler clients can be expected back every  6 to 12 months. It is very important therefore, to invest in enduring  relationships with your patients. That way, they can feel safe and confident in you. Nurturing relationships with your patients will not only  make your work more fun and feel less like a job, but will also enhance the success and sustainability of your practice.  

  • An Ultimately Rewarding Career and Life

Safe to say that a career in cosmetic injectables sets you up for a rewarding and satisfying job. In addition to creating an opportunity to own a lucrative business, aesthetics professionals also report better work/life balance and greater job satisfaction through boosting the confidence and well-being of their patients with high-quality and safe service cultivated through expert training.

Whether you choose to move fully into aesthetics or augment your earnings with it, this industry  will undoubtedly be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for you.



Aesthetics training with Derma Institute can unlock a wide array of opportunities for you, bringing with them numerous benefits perhaps not considered before now.

Derma Institute is UK’s no 1, fully-accredited Aesthetic Training Academy for health professionals, including internationally trained practitioners. With a glowing track record of excellence in aesthetics training, our curriculum is specially designed to balance theory and practice such that your training experience is incredibly impactful, yet engaging. 

Having trained several hundreds of students globally, our reputation speaks for us and so do our delegates! After your training, you get to join a life-long, exclusive network of past delegates with shared professional interests and ambition, with ongoing support and mentorship provided.  

Are you ready for a positively life-altering aesthetic training experience? Then contact us today to book your place or for further enquiries!

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